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The Artist

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Saeid Gholibeik (Steven)

Saeid Gholibeik (Steven) is an Iranian-American painter whose work is inspired by the variety of beautiful cultures of our world.  

Saeid was born in Tehran, Iran in 1959. He obtained an Art certificate at Slindon College (in England) and earned his bachelor’s degree in Aircraft engineering in 1982 at Chelsea College (in England) but was driven by his passion for art for years to come.


Saeid migrated to the United States in 1985.

Saeid spends his time exploring both figurative and abstract art. “My art is inspired by the variety of cultures and different lifestyles of our world. I try to bring these customs, happy or sad in to my canvas with every stroke of my paint brush.” He accepts figurative and abstract art commission.

6631 Franrivers Ave - West Hills, CA 91307 | Email:  |   Tel: 818-439-0008

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